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Craft & Share Your Setlists

Craft & Share Your Setlists

Seamlessly craft and share setlists, distribute digital lists, print lyrics, and easily access chord charts. Detailed set notes help streamline worship planning for a unified experience. Get insight and statistics into each song's place in your church's liturgy.

Seamless Scheduling

Seamless Scheduling

Invite unlimited team members (even young kids curious about joining to train and explore). Simplify service scheduling and allow members to manage their availability, store their resources, and take ownership of their growth and development.

Musician Centric Tools

Musician Centric Tools

Easily tag, search, and sort your church's sheet music. Song pages include chord charts, easy transposing, and offers a place to take and share notes with your whole team and provide resources for the song, such as sound patches or lyric presentation resources.

"The Worship Server has saved me 3 hours per week by consolidating everything in one place. The setlist creation and transposing features alone have been game-changers. Before The Worship Server, creating chord sheets for my team and pulling together slides was a nightmare using google drive. You can tell this was created by a fellow worship leader - all the features are what you want. The Worship Server is the invaluable tool I wish I had access to years ago. I love it!"

- Luke G.

Tallahassee, FL
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About Us

The Worship Server, first launched by Blaise Nelson in January 2020, was developed to assist worship leaders in their weekly tasks. At its heart, the platform offers practical tools to make worship coordination smoother and more straightforward. We aim to manage the administrative details, allowing leaders to focus on worship's spiritual and communal aspects. Designed by worship leaders for their peers, The Worship Server is our humble effort to support the worship community.