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Does The Worship Server provide licensing for playing music in my church?

We do not provide any licensing. The Worship Server is a tool for managing church resources. Churches need licenses for live performances, recordings, and streaming of any and all copyrighted music. These licenses must be obtained from specific music licensing organizations in each country. Using music without proper licensing can lead to legal issues, including fines.

Do I have to add all of my own songs?

Churches with appropriate licensing can offer their songs to the community, facilitating easy inclusion in any church's song repertoire. This service is limited to songs that include artist and copyright details, along with a provided CCLI number. The Worship Server does not currently offer versions or interpretations of songs. Please note that the most realistic expectation would be that you will need to provide your sheet music, especially as we're building our user base.

Is Adding a Song a Complex Process?

Songs can be implemented simply by copying and pasting the sheet music directly into a text box in the admin panel. Some sources will require some additional formatting. However, chords are automatically tagged to allow immediate access to the transposing features without extra work.